Portret zonder titel Zatarra-Rafaël
Portret about me page

Zatarra Rafaël graduated
at the end of 2016
at the Fotoacademy
in Amsterdam.

Her photography is
permeated by

Often a personal story.
Nevertheless feelings
we all feel
or have felt.

It is the way
we relate to
and connect with
the world around us,
each other and all stories.

A journey inwards
which translates itself
in different ways
in images.

Impressions from outside
are brought to the inside
where they transform
and subsequently
roll out as a new image.
All guided by intuition.
Delights and torments,
from the deepest crypts
of the subconscious,
express themselves
in pictures.

the absolute wonder
picturesque scenes,
and the universe,
of which she all cherishes,
with which she feels connected,
as being part of it,
brings new images.