Zatarra_Rafaël shadow-photo on page with information about performance on Festival Lorelei_2022

About Zatarra Rafaël

I Am that I Am

Consciousness adventurer and life-artist,
who loves to shine,
explore and experiment.
Expressing in many artistic ways.
For now mainly through photography and poetry.

Are you open to surprise?

Creative process

The creative process is like an experience,
in which I open up to a landscape
with uncountable possibilities.
Then I follow my heart, vision and wisdom, and choose.

As a photographic artist and poet I allow my creativity to come to me, from within. Ultimately the most marvelous works, come from within.

Fascinations & Themes

I’ve always been fascinated by transformation, like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly and the stages that it goes through to be.

I’ve always been amazed by what can be found underneath, what lies beneath, when one looks deeper, to discover beyond what can be seen with human eyes. Yet can be experienced, felt. Although some, though technology can be seen nowadays. As we can reach deeper into the oceans than ever before and film shapes of life there, for example.

Then how time and space create movement. A series of still images coming to life like never before, a transformation in itself as they go from solid to more fluid in a digital shape at a screen. Creating a story together, like in an animation or through sound, creating a song.

And then life, what is life, what is it for? In my perception, to experience and to discover how all is communicating, some call that energy, to ultimately know oneself. Life, communications, energy, I say it’s the same.


Fotoacademie, Amsterdam, NL
Autonomous, illustrative
Graduated December 2016


Screenings Photo-Animation

A Road to Magnum Opus
(graduation version)

Fine art photo called Vanishing Ego from the project A Road to Magnum Opus


Online Publications

Poetry Recitations

from 2016 - now

Stages for Poetry:


Image as illustration by the poem: