For you to enjoy, in these sometimes, challenging times.

With unconditional love 😘,


Zatarra Rafaël



It’s time for truth
about number 13.
13 always has been the number
of unconditional love.
There, where is unconditional love,
is no space for fear.
Now you know why number 13
has been doomed
by leaders with bad intentions.

“Let divine love rule”

Zatarra Rafaël


Power of thought… flower of life

A few days ago I felt the need to have a flower on the table. I didn’t buy flowers because I figured that I would be away for a few days and next week I’ll be going away as well. I decided to wish for it…
Two days later I arrived at the station and saw an orange rose lying on the floor. It looked good but was knuckled. I picked it up, it had a great smell, took it home and put it in a little vase on the table…:)….
Now two days later, it’s in full bloom, inspiring me to create new work and I, I’m wearing a big smile on my face!

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