Lorelei Festival 2020

At Lorelei 2020:

I welcome you to join me on an inner journey through my poems. In which "the magic of life," is as real as what you can see around you, with physical eyes. Allow me to speak to your imagination and connect the non-physical to the physical. To radiate my light so that potentials can light up, which have hitherto, remained in the dark.


About Zatarra Rafaël:

Some years ago Zatarra started to share her poetry with the world. She has now performed on various open poetry stages in, Emmen, Haarlem and Amsterdam. Besides a poet, she is also a photographic artist. Currently she is working on her first book in which she brings her poetry and photography together.

Zatarra has a visual writing style and is passionate in her performance. Determinedly she follows her own road and intuition. She finds her inspiration in life itself and nature. Which she uses in her poems, both as theme and scenery. She invites you to the magic called "life".
Would you like to travel along with her, for a moment?

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