Online publication April 2023

In April 2023 I again participated in the poetry carousel of the Haarlemse Dichtlijn.

This time a poem by poet Diana Ozon as inspiration and start of the carousel.
My reaction to her poem: “the stongest,” as well as the reactions from all other poets, can be read for a while on the website of the Haarlemse Dichtlijn.

Again it has become an interesting carousel from various perspectives. Get inspired. Click here for all poems, as long as the publication is online.

For my poem, I asked myself:
“The strongest, what or who is that?”

For my poem click here.

(Feather image created using AI. Prompt components of my poem).

Afbeelding van zacht veertje dat neergedwarreld is op mos. Hier symbool voor de veerkracht van zachtheid. Gemaakt met behulp van AI voor bij mijn zelfgeschreven gedicht over wie de sterkste is.