Poetry Performance, New Metropolis at Opening of Exhibition of IJda Smits

On June 10, 2023 at 4 p.m., the exhibition of IJda Smits will open, Florilegium Amsterdam 1064 in
New Metropolis Nieuw-West.

For her project, IJda made a book in two versions, a printed and a handmade version for which she made many blueprints of plants in her area, also known as cyanotype, an old photographic technique, discovered by John Herschel in 1842. Although, it was Anna Atkins who applied it in photography and published it in book form. More about the Florilegium and cyanotypes can be found on the website of IJda.

In March 2019, IJda and I started a poetry exchange. For the opening of her Florilegium project she asked me if I would like to recite a few poems? Of course!

Would you like to be there? Sign up via the New Metropolis website.

Ingekleurde Cyanotype van daslook door IJda Smits.
Ingekleurde Cyanotype van een akelei bloem door IJda Smits.
Ingekleurde Cyanotype van Doorwaskervel door IJda Smits.
Ingekleurde Cyanotype van zuring door IJda Smits.